Jan 29, 2010

Tranquilmoney teams with California based ProLogic Redemption Solutions

ProLogic Redemption ( offers solutions for retailers and wholesalers in the grocery, pharmacy and restaurant industries to manage their receivables and maximize their collections. ProLogic Redemption is focused exclusively on the success of grocery, pharmacy and restaurant chains. Based in United States and Mexico, ProLogic serves 20000 of the nation's leading retail stores, pharmacies and restaurants. ProLogic handles both paper and digital coupon redemption. ProLogic has been processing paper coupons for over 40 years and is one of the largest clearinghouses in the coupon industry, processing more than 1.1 billion coupons in 2009. The process for clearing digital coupons is similar to that for clearing paper coupons.

Tranquilmoney provides revenue cycle management solutions to the US healthcare industry. Using proprietary software, Tranquilmoney manages the revenue cycle for healthcare providers, hospitals and pharmacies. An established leader in the pharmacy receivables industry, Tranquilmoney has been processing over 20 million claims annually with a value of over $ 500 million, for the last ten years. Reconciliation is complex, time-consuming and expensive, and many pharmacies do not have a system for claim-level tracking, or have a system that generates too many exceptions to investigate manually. There is a need for a cost effective reconciliation solution for pharmacy chains of all sizes.

Our Pharmacy Receivables Reconciliationservices are backed by robust technology. Our software PharmTracker is an end to end tool that automates the pharmacy receivables process, and constantly kept up to date with changes in the use of the 837 electronic formats by each payor. Paper remittance advice (RA) documents, audit deductions, and other non-recurring fee documents are also processed at no additional charge. PharmTracker also provides web based reporting and search capabilities and access to images of source documents including RAs and checks.